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Before & After Care

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Drink at least 3-4 liters of water the day before and each day during treatment series (soft drinks, soda, juice or tea is not water)

Do not eat 2 hours before the treatment nor 1 hour after treatment

Do not drink ANY alcohol on the day of treatment or 72 hours after

Do not have a hot shower (warm is alright), spa or sauna 24 hours after treatment

Diet: Eating a balanced, healthy diet with lots of greens and fresh fruits are recommended

Exercise: Brisk exercise for at least 20 minutes after your treatment helps stimulate lymph movement

Using a dry skin brush daily to help stimulate lymph movement 

You can return to work or normal activities immediately after treatment

*The initial appointment is typically one hour and 15 minutes to collect your measurements, share your personal health history, take pictures, and receive treatment


Pregnant or breastfeeding

Heart Problems, Diseases or Pacemaker

High Blood Pressure


Kidney Damage, Diseases or Problems.

Liver Damage, Diseases or Problems.

Acute Inflammatory Processes

Hemorrhagic Disease, Trauma or Bleeding

Medical Plastic Parts or Parts With Metal Inside

Abnormal Immune System

Numb or Insensitive to Heat

Avoid during Menstrual Period

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